101 Ideas for When You're Bored (written by a kid)

Last year, my 8-year-old son decided to write a list of 101 things to do when he’s bored. (He is just like his momma – making lists already! I couldn’t be prouder…) I thought it would be fun to share this with all you mommas out there – a fun to-do list written from a kid’s point of view!

Everything is written as he typed it. The notes in parentheses are from me. You can download the list here without my comments: 100 Ideas When You’re Bored

1. Rebuild HARRY POTTER castle.

2. Magic science set.

3. Meteor kit

4. Finish chapter books

5. Remote control rocket

6. Basket ball

7. Play outside

8. Play with Jezze (Jezebel is our crazy cat)

9. Finish Risk game (because Risk games take hours to finish!)

10. Play board games

11. Exercise

12. Baseball in basement (no, not throwing baseballs through the wall…we have a pitcher’s target)

13. Dressing up

14. Play baseball outside

15. Ride bike’s

16. Read books

17. Play at the playground

18. Cuddle (awww…)

19. Play pretend

20. Play tag

21. Geocaching

22. Illastory (“Illustory” is a book kit where your child writes a book and they publish it into a book)

23. Go to the pond

24. Make up games and play it

25. Puppet show

26. Making Lego creations

27. Play Lego games

28. Wresling

29. Do art

30. Look for lost coins

31. Play Starwars or sword fighting

32. Read Bible

33.Play with stuffed animals

34. Board games with stuffed animals

35. Pillow fight

36. Feed ducks

37. Feed fish

38. Grade2 workbook (Brain Quest)

39. Write stories

40. Practice guitar

41. Play “don’t you spy on me” (a fun game they play with Daddy and peek around corners at each other)

42. Play spies

43. Practice magic tricks

44. Put video games in ABC order (love it!)

45. Make cool creations with Duck tape

46. Fall asleep

47. Plain trips! (plan trips?)

48. Read everyday Bible story

49. Look at scrapbooks

50. Look up words in the dictionary (this sounds super fun)

51. Make more Ideas for this book (apparently he has plans to publish this into a book)

52. Make jokes

53. Do sticker books

54. Practice Awana verses

55. Look at a world map or a globe

56. Daydream

57. Read comics

58. Do mad libs

59. Make origamis

60. Make treasure hunts

61. Play in snow or sand (something for every season!)

62. Read about people or places

63. Read legends or myths

64. Play b-day

65. Eat!

66. Earn money

67. Do puzzels

68. Look at magazines

69. Look at old work or crafts

70. Do coloring books

71. Put books in ABC order (alphabetizing again, YES!)

72. Play Ispy

73. Ask to watch T.V. (love that he asks first)

74. Put movies in ABC order (more alphabetizing? Poor kid must take after me!)

75. Sing the ABCs

76. Sing other songs

77. Count to 100 while playing with hair (Mom’s hair? I’ll gladly volunteer!)

78. Make up storys

79. Play “camping”

80. Run around the house like crazy!

81. Play hide and seek

82. Call mom or dad (this sounds as if we don’t live with him)

83. Take pictures

84. Make clay figures

85. Play kung zu pets

86. Write on chalk board

87. Have a dance party

88. Pet Jezze

89. Watch Jezze play with catnip

90. Have a snack

91. Watch toeds (toads)

92. Play with Maggie (our dog who has since passed…I guess this list only has 100 things now)

93. Do homework

94. Read the News Paper

95. Build stuff with blocks

96. Do Fiz’in finds (they are mini figures)

97. Look at maps

98. Look at trophys

99. Look at the humun body (I’m hoping he meant “human body POSTER”)

100. Play soccer

101.Do workout videos

Ask your child to make a list of things he/she wants to do! It is fun to see the outcome. If your child has a great idea, post it in the comments! :)

Amber Tincher and Amy Leckrone

Co-founders Camp Mommawatchi



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