The 102nd Birthday of a Legend

Celebrating the birthday of the Late Mrs. Dorothy Height really makes me think. 

Especially during this newfound movement, the #banbossy era. Mrs. Height was definitely a woman that defines what a leader looked like then and now. It took a great deal of courage for her to do what she did for this country. But, especially for Women and Girls. She saw the world from a variety of different angles. She saw the world in ways that many of us can only read about. Here are some of the ways that she saw the world and through her eyes ans from her point of view, she was able to discover solutions and bring awareness to the world. 

As an Teacher, she was able to see people where it all began. The Youth. The young people. The future of our world. She saw kids of all ages and races. She saw young people that were richer than others and those, that were treated incredibly unfair. She saw students that were eager to learn and smart, but all they needed was the chance to prove themselves. Then, she saw young people who had no intention of working hard. Kids that thought they would have it all figured out and would automatically make it, based upon thier upbringing. She saw black kids that were forced to the back of the room or the bus and white kids, basically carried to the front. She saw bullying, she saw promise. She saw the future of our world, walk in the halls and into her classroom everyday.  Just like Teachers today.

As a Civils Rights and Womens Right Advocate, she saw the world of women and that was a world that she knew all too well. Because she lived in it. She knew all too well, what it was like to face adversity, to be refused and to be on the outside of slammed doors, simply because she was a woman. She knew all to well what it was like, to be told to be silent. That her opinion and voice didn't matter. That no one would pay any attention to her anyway. I am sure that she was told to go sit in a corner with nice clothes and hat on and just look pretty. I am sure that she was told that she couldn't lead because she wasn't a Man. And I most certainly sure that she too, was called Bossy! But, she kept on fighting for the cause. Fighting, because she believed in herself. She believed in us. 

Mrs. Height believed that Women had a lot to offer and that we deserved a platform in which to display it. That we were not just well-dressed and pretty. That we could get down and ugly if we had to and play hardball with the best of 'em.  She believed that we needed to be heard, because we had a lot to say. Because we knew what it was like to multi-task. We know what's like to have to stay prayed up and keep a family together. To keep a home moving in the right direction and it was like to raise a family. That's one of the reasons why I understand why so many stay-at-home moms and housewives calls themselves, CEOs of the family and household. Because that's exactly what they are. But, Mrs. Height believed that if we could take care of our families, that we could be CEOs of our own companies.

Just take a look at all of the women touched by her work and her leadership. The woman that everyone is assuming is going to be running on the 2016 Presidential Ballad, Hillary Clinton. Think of how many people have told her, that's she too bossy and that she should just go home, be a wife, mother-in-law and look forward to being a Grandmother someday. Already trying to disrupt her before an annoucement is officially made. But, if it wasn't for people like Mrs. Height and another one of my favorite people, Ms. Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for President, the run Mrs. Clinton made in2008 would not have been possible. 

What about Oprah? Tv Shows, Magazines, Charities, School in Africa, her "OWN" network! And all of that was created before she turned Sixty and this is not even scratching the surface of all that she has created for us. I am sure that she was told that she shouldn't be as ambitious and leave things alone. Her weight loss and gain, being heavily scrutinized publicly and we all know that she has been called Bossy. But, if it wasn't for people like Mrs. Height, where would Oprah be? A woman that backs a man and he becomes our nation's first black president.


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