10k Training : An Awful-Good Run

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs

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I did it! I went back to my 10k training class – shewie, it was a good one. Let me tell you about my awful good time.

Dear GPS, When I say an address please bring me to the correct one.

That is how I began. Lost. Awfully lost.

Apparently in the middle of the highway, the GPers (as I call my GPS) started beeping indicating I was there. Uhm, no. So I tried calling my training coach but of course she didn’t answer…she was in session. I remembered roughly where I was and just started to drive.

Good for me, I ran into them. Literally. I was at a stop sign and around the bend, there were brightly colored runners. Yes, GOOD! The coach told me to park down the street  and they would be back in ten minutes while I stretched.


I parked my car with the others in a parking lot, surrounded in the woods, when I realized I really had to pee. Now, I am not a public pee-r, but there are woods and the team would be back in ten minutes, so…. I squatted by the trees.

(As if you need that image but seriously, that’s funny and true)

Just as I pulled my pants down, 10 boys came up from the trail! O-M-G. Mortified, I ran into the woods deeper.

Want to know something awful? There were nothing but thorn bushes everywhere. I can’t even begin to describe the pain of  thorns …

Let’s be honest, you would think it scared the pee (wink. wink.) out of me, but it was just horrible. I didn’t even go. I walked out of the woods to find my team waiting on me. (head down.) Could this be any worst?

Coach said there was a port-a-potty a quarter a mile away so I did just that. I ran to it.

After I wasted my first thirty minutes on nonsense, the last 40 minutes were good.

We ran a hill over and over. I want to know the elevation of this on going hill, but I can’t find it. :(

I suppose this was warning enough:

Photo: Ouch

It is a serious workout. We went up and down five times – I did three since I was late.

I’m not exaggerating…it was one awful good hill.

And it just kept going…

and going….

In the end, I felt awfully good and glad to be there!

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