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Did you like the Expo Hall at BlogHer '13? I sure did. I loved interacting with the sponsors this year; I found them engaging and entertaining. (OPTIMUS PRIME! ZOMG!) As we've read through all of your post-conference write-ups, we've found that our attendees really liked the sponsors too.

Here's a small glimpse at what's been said about our sponsors -- who make the conference affordable and possible for all of us who attend!

Jamielyn at I Heart Nap Time went to the conference with Dodge, and shared her love for their minivan.

I’m officially a mini van mom, as of a few months ago and seriously don’t know what I did without one. The best part has to be the sliding doors and trunk space. Perfect for thrifting.

Dodge at BlogHer '13

Emily Spurlock reviewed the "Top 5 Brands that Nailed it at BlogHer '13" over at Ignite Social Media. Her picks: Samsung, Verizon, Universal Studios, Trojan, and Walgreens. I think she nailed it. Here's a blurb about Samsung.

Samsung Mobile was one of the main sponsors and they knew exactly how to engage this group of social mavens. First they tapped into this group with a unique hashtag. By utilizing it, attendees could have their photos printed on the spot.

Cindy Orley at Akron Ohio Moms loved the lounge provided by Folgers -- and their coffee -- because she got to meet other bold bloggers.

We all have a couple things in common. #1 We love Folgers coffee. #2 We blog with boldness. Speaking of coffee. The #FolgersLounge was a coffee lover’s paradise with fresh brewed coffee of all flavors available all day long! I especially enjoyed the Mocha Swirl and Black Silk varieties. The smooth, robust flavors kept me going throughout the BlogHer conference. Believe me, we all needed plenty of coffee with the late nights, early mornings, and hours upon hours on our feet every day!

Ashleigh Burroughs at The Burrow talked about a number of sponsors in her post, including how she annoyed her daughter -- who was with her -- after she visited the Trojan booth.

the Trojan booth had a short line so I spun the wheel. Along with a variety of lubricants (who knew there were so many?) I won a special toy. I will not be sharing a picture; this is a family friendly site and (my) children are reading. I can tell you that I annoyed my daughter all afternoon by laughing about the huge, five speed, three settings item in my bag. The package included batteries. 'Nuf said.

The Trojan Booth

I think that Blondie at Tales from Clark Street wins the Visited and Blogged About Most Sponsors Award. She always shares her favorites, and this year's round-up doesn't disappoint. She got a bit excited this year.





Michelle Mismas at All Lacquered Up shared her Beauty LOL recorded at the ULTA booth.

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs attended the Lean Cuisine luncheon where she learned a lot about what goes into making the meals.

The Lean Cuisine culinary journey inspired me to never again take a pre-packaged meal from the freezer without considering those who created the meal, the inspiration and passion they put into making fresh and flavorful easy-to-prepare meals for the rest of us.

Maria at Mamalicious Maria won big with Visit South Walton.

I learned that South Walton is:

  • Has the #1 beach on Earth for families (Seaside) as voted on by Travel + Leisure magazine readers
  • Less than a 6 hour drive from Atlanta. (Closer than Disney!)

Leyla at Sunday Morning Soliloquy also hit on a number of our amazing sponsors. La-Z-Boy ranked on the top of her favorites.

The La-Z-Boy Boys
Dressed up in suits made of sofa upholstery, these guys were so fun. They were also quite knowledgeable about the products and the services offered by La-Z-Boy. Did you know that La-Z-Boy will send a designer to your house and help you design your room? Including items that they don't sell, like wall coloring, etc. Pretty neat.


Abbie at Simple City Life shared her love of Peapod.

One of my all time favorite company's was there....Peapod! If you have not heard of this online grocery store, then please let me be the first one to tell you all about them! I think I am their biggest fan. (well at least in Milwaukee) I got a chance to chat with a few of the Peapod people in the booth and it totally made my day! I went a little over board with telling them how much I love the company! It was so fun to put faces behind the company and it made my fondness for them increase even more!

Fadra at All Things Fadra not only wrote about her favs, but made a great video featuring so many of our great sponsors.

We want to thank all of our great sponsors for this year's conference -- for feeding us, for giving us coffee and wine and smoothies and soda to drink, for sharing information with us, for giving us coupons, for awarding us with prizes, for making us laugh, for listening to us, for genuinely engaging with us, for giving us toys, gadgets, and books to take home to family, co-workers, and our readers who may not have been lucky enough to attend. It was an honor, and we thank you for making it possible.

If you've written a post about a sponsor or twelve, feel free to leave the link in the comments below. We are still reading your posts!


Family/Moms & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog.


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