The $11.50 Mystery

The Two  Whos had a mystery on their hands!  They could not figure out why their Google Ad Sense was not working.  They were happy that the ads on their blog were for micro financing especially for companies that were using solar…but they also were wondering why their ads stopped working .  Let it be known that neither Who is really techno /blog savvy!  They learned about blogging from the ground up , pushing this button and that button and dreaming of the SEO.  Here is an excerpt from a post from their first month of blogging:

“When we started the blog, we had no clue what to do.  We thought we just needed to write something and publish it.  Little did we know that the venture has now turned into an incredible journey!  Along the way, we have become the Ms. PR researcher (Cece), and Ms.Geek (Yun).  Since Cece and Yun are very different,  we make sure we have the Ms. vice PR (Yun) and Ms.  vice Geek (Cece) to keep the Two Whos straight….

AND we have  learned about SEO and yes, Cece has finally  stopped dreaming about writing HTML code….

We have learned to add pics,

figured spam from ham,

got  ads on our blog

and  read into  a reader….  ….wait a minute…Cece feels this could be a Dr. Seuss Rhyme….we have somewhat learned about RSS, Follow and Do not follow, how to get that commentLuv, how to make chocolate macarons, how to do a million things with cycling water bottles from the Fat Cyclist and how to train for an Ironman in one day, how to reunite with Troy Jacobson after a much too long separation, how to avoid a pick pocket and how to exercise in 10 minutes flat, how to attract good things in life, how to be a bossy boss in pajamas, how nakedness is soulful and wise, how duke city is fixed by Chantel….and this is not to mention the hot spicyness of Dad’shouseblog! Sometimes he makes us blush!  We just figure we are cougars, hear us roar!

The Two Whos have survived a holiday, a shoulder surgery, a leaky roof , a computer crash. a dead car, new pet birds when 2 cats are the king, and two restless little boys fighting in their pajamas ..and many other when it rains it pours life’s events… Nothing has stopped us from sliding down the SEO slope, or climbing on the feedburner( if only we really knew what that was…) …often times stumbling is more accurate…  We slide and climb in pajamas and in business suits, in a sling,  in tears, in pain and in hilarious laughter, always with a cup of tea….

Along the way of sliding and climbing, we have managed to make quite some blogger friends, not too bad for the clueless Two Whos in a month:-)

So, here they are a full year later, with a technical mystery on their  hands that they could not solve.  Why did the ads stop working on the site?  Cece went into the bowels of the blog and tried to manipulate things…to no avail.  So The Whos decided to do what they do best.  Put two heads together over a cup of tea at the Flying Star and try to figure out what went wrong!

The Whos remembered the account was under Yun’s name.  She dove in and glory be!  They had  suspended their  ads until they could pay them….a whole $11.50 cents.  It turns out that after you make a glorious ten dollars you need to claim income and The Whos needed to put their  tax information in and perform their 5 steps to financial freedom!

Yun said,”  WOW!  If we keep making money like this  we can start our  own corporation!”  Cece laughed hysterically and got out her pen!  Blog fodder!  It gets better.

Of course, The Whos forgot their ad password so they  could only do the 4 steps.  It was amazing to watch.  Yun would do one step.   Google would call her on her phone to give her a password for THIS step which she then  had to enter.  Then she went to step two….and so it went until they  finished the  4/5steps. Step 5 was the password, which they did not remember.  But, a new password will be mailed in 2-3 weeks The Whos were told.  In the meanwhile, their ads would be restored.  Yun was cursing. Yun never curses!  She cursed,  ” Cece!  If we had paid more attention to our income, we might have 20 dollars by now!

Well, as of this writing, the ads have not changed !    Let’s see how this resolves itself! OR NOT!

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos


Cece-one of The Two Whos