Kick Start Your Vinyl Collection: One Essential Album For Each Month Of The Year

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Last year, my husband bought me a vinyl record player for my birthday. I didn't realize then, how awesome it was. That thing has become a staple to our family. In fact, it replaced the television in our living room. There's something special about listening to music on vinyl that digital can't replicate. I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia or if the music actually sounds better as the record turns under the needle.

There's nothing like thumbing through album after album, admiring the enlarged cover art that doesn't come on iTunes. Pulling a record from its sleeve and placing it onto the player has become one of my favorite daily rituals. Nightly while the records spin, we enjoy a family dance party as dinner simmers on the stove. We're slowly building up our record collection. We have a good mix of old and new, thrifted and collectible. Here I've put together a list of twelve albums you should own on vinyl -- one for each month of the year!


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