12 Christmas Menu Ideas for Kids

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Holiday season is already here. Surely, everybody is busy decorating the house with colorful decors and shopping things for Christmas. Some are searching for sumptuous dishes to prepare for Christmas dinner. When talking about food, indeed, there are plenty of holiday menus to decide on. But the challenging part is finding recipes that will appeal to the younger ones.

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A majority of the little ones are picky eaters. So, here are few menu ideas that can tickle their tastebuds.

Holiday Main Dishes

1. Honey glazed baked ham - Needless to say, ham is a common dish you can find probably in most homes during holiday season. If turkey is the king on the table during Thanksgiving, ham is for Christmas. There may be different means to cook it but the one with honey could be more appealing to the kids because of its sweet taste. Or, you may use cranberry, apple or strawberry glaze.

2. Roasted turkey - Turkey is truly popular during Thanksgiving but it can also be for the holiday season. The aroma of the turkey along with the herbs when roasted smells so good that it could boost the appetite of the kids. This dish is easy to cook so moms will never have hard time preparing the food.

3. Cheesy chicken pasta - Remember that most kids like cheese and pasta. And so, when you mix these two ingredients together in one dish, it’ll be a dish to look forward to. Cheese is rich in calcium while pasta has carbohydrates - which means that this menu is not only mouth watering but very healthy as well. Your picky child will surely enjoy swirling the pasta with the fork. Capture the moment when your kid’s face has smudges of spaghetti sauce. It will be a fun memory.

Holiday Desserts

4. Holiday fruitcake - Okay, maybe fruitcake is one of the most popular foods during Christmas. Actually, fruitcake has become a practical gift idea. But for the picky eaters, this menu might no longer be that appealing unless you put a twist on the recipe. Try to make your fruitcake more colorful than the traditional one. You may add more cherries, blueberries, raisin and other mixed dried fruit.

5. Cupcakes - Undeniably, kids love cupcakes. So, why not have them for desserts? You can even decorate them with sprinkles, candies, nuts, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, icing, whipped cream, jam and honey syrup. To add more fun, ask you kids to help you ornate these handheld pieces of cakes.

6. Cheesecake - Are you looking for easy to make cake? Well then, cheesecake is the one you’re searching for. This recipe has been a holiday favorite for generations - simply because it is delicious. Kids would really ask for another slice after one. It would only take about 15 minutes to have your own cheesecake.

Holiday Cookies

7. Rolled sugar cookie - What makes this menu idea appealing to kids? It’s the shape. These cookies are formed into different shapes including Christmas tree, candy cane, snowman, star, heart, snowflakes and a whole lot more. Then there goes the colorful frosting of these cookies. So even oldies would be captivated to have them.

8. Chocolate chip cookie - With the chocolate chips, the cookie would really get the attention of the little ones. As a matter of fact, they might even eat them straight from the oven (but not when too hot!). These cookies smell so good and are perfect with hot milk.

9. Gingerbread men - Classic! Gingerbread men cookies have been present in many tables for quite some time already. They are crunchy and are fun to nibble. Many kids are fond of this cookie because of the shape. The cookie can also be decorated with icing and currants.

Holiday Drinks

10. Hot chocolate - A cup of hot chocolate drink can help ease the cold weather during this season. Your kids can enjoy sipping the hot drink after the meal or while watching the snow falls outside.

11. Marshmallow hot chocolate - If you want to make a different kind of chocolate drink, adding marshmallow is a good idea. Kids will not only enjoy drinking it but eating the mallows as well.

12. Fruitshake - For a nutritious drink, you can make fruitshake for the little ones. Make use of their favorite fruit as your main ingredient. You can also ask them to help you prepare the drinks.

Most kids have sweet tooth, so might as well opt for those menu ideas with sweet ingredients like honey. The above mentioned are just some of the many recipe ideas. Thus, you have plenty of choices.

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