12 Crafts, 12 Days Wrap Up

     Christmas is over for the year.  The mad rush is over.  My blog lay, neglected over the last couple of weeks, and I feel like I need to do a wrap up of my failed attampt and 12 crafts in 12 days.  I really should have known better, but I do like a challange. 

     During those 12 days, we had Thanksgiving, my 30th birthday, and my kids got sick.  Really sick; like we are still trying to get over it and it's a month later.  The worst sickness I have seen yet in my household is still trying to get the best of us.  Needless to say, my crafting and blogging fell by the wayside.  I did miss it, though. 

     Here's how my list panned out:

1. Teacup coin purse: Finished and I made 5 total; I even sold a few for extra Christmas cash!       

2. Square Circle Skirt: Finished and it looks adorable on my little princess!

3. Crayon Rolls: Finished and filled with glitter crayons that were a hit on Christmas day.

4.  Fox Hat: I made one that came out too big, a second one that I need to stitch the eyes on  still that is just right for a baby, and my sister requested an adult sized one for her birthday. 

5. Photo Bookmarks: NOT finished; but I put some pre-made bookmarks in the kids' stockings instead. 

6. Balance Boards: Cut and given to the kids with no duct tape grip top.  They were a huge hit and I'm pretty sure my boys are trying to break an arm on them.  We used a shelving board from Home Depot and cut it to size so it didn't have to be sanded.   I'm so glad we made that decision! 

7. Advent cards with Bible verses to read each day: I skipped this one because I bought a book for advent.  We disliked the book and wound up reading the Bible after day 7 or so anyway.  

8. Personalized game pieces for playing our favorite board games: Finished!  They came out so nice and I can't wait to play Candyland with our own pieces. 

9. Heart Hot Pads:  Finished and a hit on Christmas with my aunt who adores hearts. 

10.  Cloth Rings: Finished and perfect for attaching to the stroller.

11. Either a Child Sized Tie or Bow Tie: NOT finished.  I was not stressed over getting this done because it was for Butter and he is too young to care.  It's still on my list of things to do. 

12.  Foxy Fabric Book of Colors: I finished 3 quilt squares out of the 8 I plan on making.  These took more time than I expected; it is still on my list to complete.

     We also took on the family project of building a wood doll bed for my little princess.  We finished that project on Christmas day and she loves it.  Now I have to make a mattress and pillow for the bed.  I already crocheted her a blanket for it.  

     I also started a weighted blanket for the Toolman who has been asking for one for probably a year now.  I ran out of sewing time and it is about 1/2 way done.  

     I started a button down shirt for my husband around Thanksgiving and almost finished it.  It is Star Wars fabric (which he requested), and my first men's shirt.  It looks great so far, I just have to muster the courage to sew in the facing and do the buttons on it.  It is going to be awesome when it is finished.  

     Turbo wanted to make a dog bowl placemat for the boys' favorite dog in their life.  We finished that, wrapped it, and it was a hit.  He made it in shades of purple because "That's her favorite color" and I did it quilt-as-you-go style.  It was easy and he had fun helping me sew, as he always does.  

     All told, I cannot believe we got as much done as we did!  To top it all off, on Christmas eve I made 5 dozen or so tamales, refried beans, and two kinds of enchiladas for dinner.  That's my husband's favorite Christmas tradition, but in our family, it's just me making the food.  That's a lot of work!  With the kids being sick, I'm not sure how I swung it, actually.  I sang lots of loud worship music, and trusted God that we could get through the crazy.  

     I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  What crafts did you wrap up this month (or what didn't you finish yet)?


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