12 Most Annoying Parenting ‘isms’

Being a parent is a blessing, but as you know it’s not all sunshine and roses! No one parent is exactly alike, and there isn’t a book out there to help, so you will encounter some annoying parents. Here is our list of the most annoying “types” of parents.


  • Parents that lack follow through.  Have you ever heard a parent say, “Do that again and the police will come for you!” or “Don’t touch that or I will get rid of it.” It can be extremely frustrating listening to a parent make empty threats—especially if you know the parent won’t follow through with the threat (and you know the child realizes this too)! 


  • Overbearing parents.  Kids need to learn from their mistakes! You need to give them the space necessary to make mistakes and learn from them.  So many parents follow their kids around to make sure that they don’t get hurt, but it is OK if they get a scrape or bruise from falling off a bike or tripping on the sidewalk!


  • Delusional parents. It is annoying when you see that a child has his/her parent wrapped around their finger. Children are smarter than we give them credit for—if the parent is constantly doing everything the child asks, the child realizes they are in control. From a young age children will manipulate stories to avoid getting in trouble, and some parents are so disillusioned that they believe everything that comes out of their kids’ mouths.


  • Absentee Parents. Parents need to pay attention to their kids, no matter what.  It is annoying when a parent allows their child to play with yours and they do not watch them! This friendship can become especially tedious if a child manifests the need for attention in a negative way. Absentee parents can also be…


Neglectful.  Why in the world do parents have kids if children don’t have time for or interest in their kids? Why have a child that you don’t want to play with or take to the amusement park or even just relax and watch a movie with.  Children, especially at a young age, just want to feel loved and be with their parents – so give them that time!

Oblivious to bullying. Some children that crave attention and don’t get it at home will unfortunately become bullies. Bullying tendencies can begin on play dates where signs of aggression conveniently become “accidents,” and absent parents will wholeheartedly believe the incident was an “accident” instead of questioning their child. 


  • The uptight parent. Some parents are the complete opposite of absentee parents!  An uptight parent will not leave their kids alone because they believe that children need parents around 24/7.  That isn’t true.  Kids and parents need time apart! It’s not a crime to send kids away for the week to be spoiled by their grandparents or to spend a weekend with their cousins at an aunt’s house. And to top it off parents need time away from their kids. It is good for everyone. Uptight parents might also…


    • Attend to every need. Have you ever been sitting and chatting with another mom and their kid comes over and interrupts your conversation, and instead of the parent saying, “Mommy’s talking right now, or say excuse me” the parent drops everything and answers their child! Teach your child to wait until someone isn’t talking or in the middle of doing something.  Children need to learn to wait.


    • Act like a ‘helicopter.’ “Don’t do that, don’t touch that, slow down, get over here…” My goodness, let the child run around and play.  This is their chance to run around and be a kid so relax and chill out.


    • Control their child’s diet.  I understand watching your child’s diet and making sure that they eat healthy but once in a while eating cake and ice cream or having a lollipop before dinner is OK.  Some parents don’t allow their child to eat anything but eggs and sausage in the morning, but if you are in a hurry a quick pop tart is fine! Learning to be flexible is a wonderful skill to have later in life.


  • The yellers. Have you seen parents raising their voices at their kids in the grocery store, at the mall and even at the playground? I wish I could tell them to relax or try a different discipline tactic because constantly yelling isn’t working for anyone, including their child!



  • Parents that can’t say no.  Your child does not need the packet of gum at the grocery store or a new toy at the mall every time you go.  You need to teach them to be grateful so when they do get a gift they appreciate it.


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