12 Step Recovery and Me

I have been in 12 Step recovery for many years. I initially began because of my co-dependency. The steps gave me  a clear path back to a life of integrity. I later went for my addiction to food - overeating and dieting. I now have a daily reprieve from that disease by the grace of a Higher Power. The 12 Steps are wise. They start with admitting I am powerless over the compulsions that had run my life. I am not powerless over many things, but my behavior showed that I was power over these compulsive behaviors. Then the Steps go on to ask help from a Higher Power and to turn the compulsion over to that power, one day at a time. Then we get clear about the things we have done and do that are against our own moral values, and the things we do that are good. Then we ask our Higher Power to remove the negative things over time. Then we make amends to the people we have harmed where apprropiate. Then we keep checking in with ourselves and admit wrongs when we do them. Then we continue to seek a relationship with God as we understand God. Then we carry the message to others and "practice these principles in all our affairs." It works for me.


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