12 Sure Signs He Likes You: How To Know If A Guy Likes You

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Are you having trouble determining if a particular guy that you like feels the same way about you? It could be a guy that you see seldomly or someone that you are very close to.  However, this person has caught your interest and you would like to pursue a relationship to see where it will lead to.  Yet, you are unsure if he feels the same way about you that you do about him.

Finding a life partner is a difficult job and can leave you heartbroken. Ignoring how you feel about another person can bring greater anxiety. One day you feel like everything is going well and there is a possibility that he may actually be into you.  However, other days can go by where he cannot seem to even remember your name.  Many women can attest to having this same experience. So, you are not alone.

There is information available for you to evaluate some signs that you should move ahead with him.  “12 Sure Signs He Likes You” is a new book compiled to help you discover signs to determine that your guy likes you back.   This book is 76 pages and is written in sections that provide signals based upon your relationship stage.  If the guy that you like is someone that you have just met, then there are signs that are provided in this book for you to look for.

Maybe, this guy is a lifelong friend that you have known for years.  No matter, there are specific signals that can be found in this type of relationship. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, this book addresses behavior in him that you can look for.

“12 Sure Signs He Likes You” is a must have for those who want to know for sure if a guy truly likes them.