12 Things You Should Do for You Every Day

What we do with each day should not be taken for granted.  Life is so very short.  I’ve been reminded of that many times.  With the loss of many family members, schoolmates and even neighbors, a few of them I have wondered whether they died with any regret.  Did they live life the best they could?

With a few, who were undeniably younger than anyone should be prepared for the loss of, I am certain there were things left undone.  I can’t think of anything worse than to have lived a lifetime, whatever that ends up being for any of us, and not have made ourselves a priority. 

Life really is very short.  If you haven’t been doing so, start making yourself a priority.  It could be the difference in living happier.  Every day wake up and be mindful you matter also.  Life simply isn’t going to stand still while you try to get the right balance.

Every day, do this for you. 

1.    Every day do what needs to be done. – You were born to achieve.  Achievement happens when you’re willing to work at it.  The willingness to plan what will be positions you to have greater expectations.  Work toward what will be and do what needs to be done, every single day.

2.    Every day reach and improve yourself. – Always dream, reach and keep your vision.  Reach higher than you imagine is possible.  Don’t be concerned with trying to be better than anyone else.  Just be concerned with trying to be better than yourself; the person that you already are and know.

3.    Every day listen to your own inner voice. – Some of the happiest people are those who care least about what everyone else thinks.  Those are the people who listen more to their own inner voice.  Leave others to their opinions.  You’ll find there is great freedom in living by the guidance of your own inner voice.

4.    Every day take small steps forward. – Being willing to take the small steps means you understand you may not have it all figured out.  Still, you’re willing to stay forward thinking and to keep moving forward.  Giving up is not an option and neither is letting someone else win in matters of your own life.  You will figure out what’s best for you and it will be you who takes the appropriate steps every day.

5.    Every day give yourself a chance to rise a little bit higher. – Holding on to whatever holds you back will never get you to the place you want to be.  Think more of yourself than you do whatever it is that is no longer leaning in the direction you want to grow.

6.    Every day think positive. – Your thoughts can be either the strongest or weakest thing you hold on to.  Thoughts are powerful enough to destroy your joy.  Think about it for a moment.  A good part of your life has been dictated by your thoughts.  Plant different thought seeds.  You can change your thinking.  Right now is a good time.

7.    Every day be willing to make mistakes. – Making mistakes because you’re trying is far better than not trying at all.  Greatness can be discovered through the mistakes we learn from.  It won’t work to carry the expectation of discovering your greatness if you’re more into avoiding or denying.   At some point, you have to be willing to let it go, no matter how bad the mistake made is.  Don’t live life full of regret.  Instead, view it as one of life’s lesson learned.  Then move on from it.

8.    Every day embrace your struggles. – Struggle is one of the main things in life which we can grow stronger from.  It prepares you not only for that which you will overcome but that which you will grow stronger from.  You’re being prepared for what will become the challenges of tomorrow.  Rather than view struggle as mistakes in your life, view it as growth in your life.  No matter how unpleasant, how uncomfortable or unnecessary the process is, it’s all part of your life’s journey.  It is not intended to break you.  It’s intended to be part of learning how to get to the place in your life which you will choose to be.


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