12 ways to annoy your six year old boy

So six year old boys can be kind of annoying.  It's just the way it is, just the facts of life.  And of course, if it's your six year old, you love him to pieces.  You wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.  You would walk through fire for him.  He is your world and your everything.  But. . . that doesn't mean he's not annoying sometimes.

So isn't it about time to fight back?

12 Ways To Annoy Your Six Year Old Boy (because sometimes revenge is sweet)
1.  Have hair.  The longer your hair, the better it works.  "Mom, your hair is on me again!"  Whoops.

2.  Wash your clothes in the same load as his clothes. "Ewwww, there's a hairball in my shirt!"  Oh honey, I'm so sorry.  NOT.
2.  Take lots of pictures of him.  Take pictures when he's smiling, pictures when he's mad, and pictures when he's annoyed that you're taking pictures.  "Don't you have like hundreds of pictures of me already, Mom?"  Oh sweet boy.  Try thousands.
3.  Lovingly stroke his face when he's trying to tell you a story.  He might brush your hand away a few times, but that just means he really loves it.  So keep doing it.
4.  Ask him if he remembered to flush the toilet EVERY time he comes out of the bathroom.  Even if you hear it.  And even if you know he just went in there to brush his teeth.  "Mom, I just went in there to brush my teeth like you told me!"  Oh my bad, I forgot.  
5.  When he leaves the table and forgets to clear his plate, call him back to do it. And then make him give you a high five.  Making him clear his plate just teaches good manners.  The high five is an added annoying bonus factor.