Brad and I play a silly little game called 1234. The rules are simple. Two times a day the clock reads 12:34 and the first person to text it or point it out to the other is the winner, imaginary points are awarded. I hate losing at this game and sometimes I take extreme measures in order to win except most of the time they never work.

Current time: 1:34pm

my text: 134 - (I know, I have no idea what I was thinking either. It's been awhile since I have been able to win so I was grasping)

Brad's text: You get 0.0 points for that one.

my text: 134 means thank you in binary.

Brad's text: Why are you thanking me?

my text: Because you spent 50 bucks on an old joy stick and some game cartridges in order to resurrect your Atari from the eighties.

Brad's text: Are you mocking me?

my text: I think so.

Stay tuned ... more on the Atari incident of 2012 to come.

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