#14 - The Beauty Touch

Few days ago, I was browsing my Facebook and I saw a post from a company that I follow asking: "What is your last beauty touch in the morning?"

I do so many things in my bathroom every morning and my cupboard looks like a chemistry laboratory, bottles, pots, mysterious ingredients and tools. It is hard to age beautifully, or at least to try, so like an old car, the maintenance is more complicated. Everyone think that the time pass faster when you age, but you are just spending more time doing the same things.

I decided to start a study on the subject. I have pretty much the same routine everyday and it is organized, timed, because like everyone, I am running after time. I decided to wait the next morning, took a mental note and started the complicated alarm system connected to it, which is very personal but work pretty well. I will miss my iPhone reminders, but never a mental note.

The next morning, I was following my progress and I thought that I had an answer when all dressed up, I sprayed my fragrance and put my jewelry on. I took my bags and coffee cup, sat in my car, started the music, look at myself in the mirror and smiled. Finally I had the answer, my last beauty touch was a smile!

I believe that what people notice the first when they meet me is my smile, because it comes from inside and I try to welcome everyone in my world with it. It is the less expensive accessories that someone can use, it makes you feel happier and it attracts people. I find amusing when I am in Paris, Boston, New York, or any other place in the world, that someone will stop me to ask direction, where is the shoes department, while I am shopping myself, or more recently, coming back from the ladies room in a restaurant, if I could take their order, which I answered that I will be happy to do so, but that they will have to wait for the food indefinitely since I was myself a client.

Put a smile on your face, the world can be yours, and who knows, you can be hire as a guide or a waiter, start a new career and meet extraordinary people. Give a smile and you can change the course of events. Make someone smile and you will know that you are changing the face of the world.

I have to go now for another day, but let's not forget my last beauty touch......





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