14 Days of Advent & Hearing Chanting… Give Me… Buy Me… Get Me…

“Give me… Buy me… Get me…” The chant rings on and on. Our children sleep and breathe and eat chanting their blasted mantra. You’d think those words were engraved into their genes. So parents go to sleep and wake up listening to their incessant chanting, “I gotta have it…or I’ll just…” And even if we are now mere grandparents—ready for the farm, awaiting pasture—we are not exempt from the rhyming torture. They’ve somehow got the idea that now that we are older, we are rich, that we’ve had plenty of time to save money to spend on them. Sheesh!

I won’t be a hypocrite; my parents used to buy us kids (five children) many presents, our Christmas tree was always loaded—completely surrounded with presents, practically swallowed whole by all the bright boxes with colorful bows—so we were the envy of other kids in our neighborhood. But that’s probably why our parents never got to take their dream vacation when they retired. They always planned to go cross country, touring the United States. A dream that was never made a reality. Sigh!

Hubby and I promised each other we would never allow that to happen to us. And yet here we are, approaching retirement and still waiting for our once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation, a European cruise. Holding my breath here!

As the years passed we had to make some changes, agreeing on adjustments in lifestyle, and all for the better. A little late is always better than never; but it has all been for the good in the end. Our kids now understand the real meaning of Christmas. It is not about the presents, how many gifts you get or how much you spend on a gift. Christmas is about appreciating family and true friendships, which all leads towards kindness to your fellowman.


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