14 yrs old

June 10th, 1994 at 10:30 am I walked up on the stage to accept my Elementary School Diploma, I had graduated from 8th grade from Clinton Dewitt Elementary School in Chicago Illinois.
 The Graduation was held at Stephen King Mather High School in Chicago.  I had shoulder length medium straight brown hair, was wearing lightly makeup on my eyes, my mom had given me her Red starpless heart shaped across the chest puffy bottomed long dress to wear and I vaguley remember red heels, over that I was wearing my green graduation gown with the hat on top of myhead with a tassel on the hat. After me and the other children had graduated, we all tossed our hats up in the air. I had gotten my hat back, me and the otehr children wished each other well. My parents gave me a dozen roses. With tears in my parents eyes, my younger sisters were so excited and happy for me. We all went out for lunch after that.

But summer came and left August came my Grandma in Modesto California called my Mom and proposed to my mom I come out to California to start my High School. My Parents did not want to send me to Mather High School because of the bad kids that went there. I was brought up in a good home, I was well behaved and raised properly.So my Parents decided to do a Family Road trip To Modesto California, it took us 3 days to get there. My parents had a Chevy Astro Conversion van 1992 version. It was a great vehicle. All fancy and tables and nice chairs and bed inside. On our way to California, we had lots of stops, I espically remember this one stop in Neveda at a gas station with Slot machines in there. I played one with a dollar ended up winning 600 dollars. My mom cashed it out gave me the money for my living in California.  

We got to California later that evening. My parents and siblings 2 sisters stayed there with me for a week, so I can get settled in and did the high School papers and gave Guardianship to my Dad's older sister Shami. (that bitch) The time came when my parents had to go back home from the vacation. I cried with my Mother for a half hour, and they left I don't remember much from that. But I do remember finding a cat, he came to me, he farted, ending up name the cat stinky. He was a great companion during the time I stayed there and attended High School. 

  Going to Fred C Beyer HS I attended classes included, Algebra, Reading, Writing, French, Home Economics, WorkShop, P.E. and Biology. My favorite classes were Writing, French, Algebra, and Workshop. I had made two instant best friends while I was there, Michele Shannon she was the daughter of our Algebra Teacher Mr. Shannon. I had also made another friend her name was Lisa Starkweather, but its 20 years later I have lost in touch with these two friends I had. Hopefully one day they will find me. I don't recall the classes me and Lisa took together.

Well months passed by, Christmas had come, I was really sad my Mom wasn't there by me. My Aunt Shami and my Grandma took me to my other Aunts house for Christmas. Well it was celebrated, I had gotten nothing for Christmas except Misery. I was yelled at. I don't remember what for? I was a innocent young pre teen than, always minded my own business, very very quiet. I went out in backyard spent my christmas there crying my eyes out missing my family especially my mother. I wasn't even allowed to call my mother for christmas!

Well 4 days later, My Aunt Shami's older son Ramsen had his friends over at the house I was staying at, they ate my food and the cats food. I was really hungry my grandma gave me 50 dollars to go to the store to buy food. Well All I remember when I was on my way back home crossing the street at a walk sign the light was red on the east and west side of the street and green for north and south side of the street. Well I was crossing safely both cars on both sides waiting for me, This purple pick up Nissan Truck came flying through a red light and hit me on my left side my hip shattered my shoes fell off my feet I went flying 250 feet away my head hit a lamp post from the front and my head was fractured, my shoulders fractured, my left hand crushed, my right knee shattered, my left shin shattered, and a few more bones can't remember. I was a mess, I died for 3 minutes and 29 seconds. The paramedics were on the scene they tried to electric shock me back to life, no luck I woke up on my own, and bluttered out my name number for the 29.7 seconds I was awake. Than I had fallen into a coma for 43 days. Later that night my mom was flown in on a jet she was by my side the whole time, My mom told me my friend Michele Shannon came to hospital to see me with her father, so did other friends I don't remember the names. My grandma and my Aunts were very mean to my mother. The Lady who hit me with a car was a Mexican Immigrant she was in Fresno California living at the time, She was not a citizen, the Mexican officers let her go. She should have been charged with attemped homicide or attempted manslaughter and locked away. My car Accident case was worth 4.5 million dollars. I had suffered a Great loss and am still suffering till this day 20 years later.  

well my mom stayed by my side the whole time till I woke up from my Coma she was very determined, and with all the prayers and stuff. I know my father was crying cause I was hit by a car back home in Chicago along with my two younger sisters my whole family became a mess on my mom's side cause I was hit by the car. It's a big deal to my mom's family I am like a "GEM" to them, anyways my Dad's side of the family are evil mean people. Well I had woke up from my coma, I surprised my MOM I said MOMMY to her. she yelled with excitement, and thanked God for answering her prayers. Yes there is a GOD to all the Atheist out there and non believers, but to each is their own. I am one of the Miracles, rememeber as I said earlier I was dead. Anyways I woken up than my MOM got the nurses and they said my mom was imginaging stuff I sat up in the bed I scared the nurse so bad, so pooped on herself. That was funny. the Doctors than came in the room cause I was covered under a good insurance company. One Doctor told my MOM they would fly me out to Sacremento California, cause they said I had become Retarded. My momther refused, the other Doctor said they have to do brain operation to see what is wrong. My mom yelled and cursed him out she immediately asked for a case worker and a lawyer, she flew me out of that hospital 3 hours later out to R.I.C. Hosipital in downtown Chicago. But I do remember my Mom told me there was one good Doctor there that listened to my mother because my mom knew what she was talking about medically with the Doctor. There was also a Nice nurse there that did help my Mother out and me while I was in the Coma.

Well as soon as I was at that hospital my father my sisters my aunts and uncles and cousins that were born at taht time were all waiting for me. My best Friend Beth and her father were there too to visit me. Well this was a better hospitial, I ended up staying in this hospital for 2 months till I was better and healed up. During my stay I met several famous Actors and Actresses One was Mr. T from the A Team, the rest I don't remember but Mr. T had sat down and ate lunch with me I remember. 

Well this is what started my grand adventures in my life the Car Accident of 1994.

I still suffer till this day fro the after effects of my headaches, bone aches, knee swelling, arthrits, knee locking, it all costs me lots of money. 

 P.S. because of this accident I had suffered a T.B.I. Tramatic Brain Injury where my Nervous system was damaged side effects are I will always be nervous, but I have learmed to control that through the years. 


till next blog!!


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