15 Month Favorites

Sofia had her 15 month appointment the other day and it was a complete work of art, think Picasso.

We walked into the exam room and Sofia turned on me, instant screaming & crying. The nurse tried to weigh her, end of the world. The Dr. came in, she lost it. The Dr. tried to look in her ears, not happening, turned her head side to side away from him. You ready for this one...SHOTS! That's right, she got 3 ol' prick-a-roo's in the thigh and I'm pretty sure people from the next state over could hear her. She did stop crying momentarily to say "bab-beee" when she heard another kid screaming.


She definitely takes after me, so I can't really hate on her.

One time in Elementary school my Mom took my sister and I to get our flu shots and I legit hid under the exam table. 2 nurses had to drag me out. I also remember losing it when I had to have blood taken, I was maybe 10? My Mom told me if I was good I could pick out any present I wanted. What did I choose? A juicer folks, best damn gift I ever did receive.


Moral of the story, bribe your kids, do whatever it takes because it works.

Sofia had close to 10 fruit snack pouches while we were there and left with an intense sugar high. Parenting at it's finest.



30.5" - 75th percentile 


19lbs - 25th percentile 

|Head Circumference|

17.5" - 10th percentile (peanut status!)


 Sofa has grown to love so many new things in the past few months, here's her most favorite at the moment!

one - two - three - four - five - six


And how badass does she look here!?

Today was all smiles, I guess she forgot about the Dr. already!

Hope you have a fabulous thirsty Thursday!


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