15 Documentaries for Kids to Watch During the Slow Days of Summer

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During the summer months we don't apply as much pressure on Pie to focus on school. She's able to spend those three months following her own passions, exploring new things, and adventuring outside of school. However, we do urge her to do things like write letters, read books, and learn new things. One way for her educate herself during the summer months in a more relaxed way is by watching educational DVDs and documentaries. Netflix and Youtube both have a lot to offer, as does your local library, and of course you could buy them.  

Summer Documentaries for Kids

Pie loves animal-related shows and documentaries, so it's a great way for me to sneak a little life sciences into her summer vacation. There are documentaries on so many topics, it's easy to look for one your little one might enjoy.  There have been many times I've turned to documentaries to answer Pie's many questions about the world. It's interesting to watch them with her and she loves to talk about what we learned. Today I'm sharing some awesome documentaries for kids, but always use your discretion for what is appropriate for your child. Some things scare Pie so we avoid them until she's ready.  For the most I think part even slightly challenging content helps her deal with those fears in a well-informed, healthy, and logical way. 

In no particular order here are 15 (well 20, SURPRISE! YAY bonus 5!!!) great summer documentaries for kids: 

1.   Disney Nature's Wings of Life 

Summer Documentaries for Kids

This wonderfully colorful documentary gets into some really great topics like pollination and the origination of flowers. We both enjoyed this one, Pie sat through the entire two hour movie and has since asked to watch it again.



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