15 Things to do with overly ripe bananas

15 Things To Do With Overly Ripe Bananas

I despise looking at brown bananas. They look pathetic really, but rather than tossing them there are some great recipes for their use.
  1. Smoothies: Overly ripe bananas are sweet so adding them to a summer smoothie is the perfect use!
  2. Bread: One of my favorite breads to make, banana bread can be healthy and totally amazing!
  3. Ice Cream: Smooth. Creamy. Dreamy. Ice cream is one of my favorite things to make at home, it's easy and I know exactly what is going into my dessert. 
  4. Pudding: There are fantastic recipes out there for banana pudding, leaving the Old-fashioned-ness behind and going forward with a much more decadent dessert!
  5. Muffins: Muffins can be made as healthy, or as fattening as you want! Mixing with another fruit or nut brings banana muffins to a whole new level.
  6. Cream Pie: Cream and Pie? Is there anything left to say? Add chocolate, or carmel or top with almonds. So delicious.
  7. Banana Foster: Oh one of my absolute favorite desserts! This is not a low cal dessert, but for the occasional indulge...you cannot get anything better!
  8. Cake/Cupcake: Banana cake or cupcakes are incredibly full of flavor. The bananas add moisture and sweetness.
  9. Fritters: Oh yes, banana fritters are just as good as apple fritters. 
  10. Compote: Banana compote on breakfast or desserts is simply amazing. 
  11. Pancakes/Waffles/French toast: Whether you bake them mixed in to the batter, or simply top your breakfast with compote, it's a win!
  12. Cookies: The sweetness of the aging bananas is the perfect natural sugar for wholesome cookies.
  13. Breakfast Bars/ Protein Bars: Nothing like a healthy grab and go breakfast.
  14. Frozen Banana Pops: Yep, you can freeze them and roll them in chocolate and nuts, or coconut, or sprinkles. 
  15. Dog Treats: Lets not leave our furry friends out of this, here is a recipe for all-natural, gluten free dog treats! Tundra loved them. 
I will post some of these recipes in the next few days; I have an abundance of overly ripe organic bananas that I do not want to waste!


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