#16 - The little Gods - A mythological story

Nota bene:

I read recently a post written by a man, saying how crazy women's were, because they argue all the time at the wrong moments and apparently without reasons. It was funny, but it was missing a part. Why are women arguing? I thought about and I think most of the time, they are trying to get attention, so I decided to write something about what is happening when women do not argue anymore.

These are the signs that you are looking for......

The little Gods of the marriage had a reunion with the little Gods of the lust and they started to move their pawns to make your wife fall. It was a full success, but the change was slow and it took them time to find the right move, to have her deviate from the destiny that Chronos had written for her. You were the male, the right one and it will be difficult to have this poor creature falling for another you.

For many years you were arguing, and the list of complains from your wife looked like the labors of Hercules, something absolutely impossible to accomplish. One day you wake up, the breakfast is ready and you feel guilty because the light in the garage is not functioning since one year and she almost brakes her leg the previous evening. In a compassion move, you tell her that you will stop by Home Depot and fix it after work. She looks at you, smiles, she does not pull out her list of complains, she does not start an argument.

The little Gods are patient and one day while you are watching you favorite team on the television, you ear your wife yelling from the door: "My Dear enjoy the game with your friends! The chicken wings and beers are ready in the kitchen. I am going out." For a minute you are breathing and think that you tame the lion. Finally she got it! She was born to serve you, clean after you. Being a male doing nothing in the house is already an exhausting duty. The little Gods of the housekeeping just got you on this one, but you do not know it yet.

It happens that a superior God interferes and Aphrodite decides a re-looking for your wife. She starts a diet and tell you that it will be good for you to lose your stomach. Not that she cares anymore, but it will simplify her life with a single cooking. She applies make up on her day off. She renews her wardrobe. She is talking about some injections, a blepharoplasty or maybe a lifting, as a gift for your wedding anniversary. Anyway, it is a long time that you do not notice her new hair cut, so who cares about the rest. In a wonderful gesture, Aphrodite gives back to your wife some beauty and you are not paying attention.

Nike is launching the baseball season, (the God not the brand), and your wife work's schedule is crazy. She works so much to get this new promotion and yet no change on her salary. It feels so great to be left alone, to have the house for yourself. Maybe it is time for you to buy Nike, (the shoes not the God), you may have to run after her.

When the nine Muses enter in the dance. You can ear your wife singing in the shower, she is smiling all the time and you believe that finally she admits your rightness and adopt all your concepts, which are, egocentrism and selfishness. It makes you happy, you feel comfortable and you do not see that she is already gone.

The little Gods helped her to learn from the best, in this case you, how it feels so good to be self centered. Because she had years to learn the technic, she will be excelling at it. These are the signs that the little Gods are ending the game, they won and you still here trying to understand how it could have been possible.....but it is only a mythological story of today.......



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