18 Countries in 4 Seasons

Ever since I backpacked through Europe in my early twenties, I knew that traveling around the world was something I must do. I didn’t have the faintest idea when, how, or with whom, but I knew at some point in my life it was going to happen. Fast forward a few years -while living down in Costa Rica – I fell in love with surfing, and received another piece of the puzzle – what better way to way to see the world than by following the best surf breaks? It made perfect sense: the best breaks are typically in the most beautiful places, you stay fit and balanced, and of course would connect with fellow surfers-usually people who love nature and respect the Earth. IT WAS ON!  A plan was emerging, it was happening, I was going to make it happen.

Then, back in California, I met a boy. Who I really liked. Who didn’t surf. Quel horreur! And somehow, let my dream of traveling around the world, dwindle to the far corners of my consciousness as I wrapped myself around his dreams.  (Slippery slope,people, slippery slope.) Now, I know what you’re thinking. LAME.

And yes, it was sort of lame. I even thought I’d made some serious mistakes there for a while, until I came to fully understand that there is no such thing as a mistake. Every single experience, moment, instance has great importance in the whole scheme of things. Eventually the boy and I went our separate ways, and instead of running away around the world (which trust me was tempting) I took a different journey. I went deep inside on a soul-searching expedition to find the root of where the illusions I’d been subscribing to my whole life had been planted. This type of exploration isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes real guts. I fought off every urge telling me to order another Martini and book another trip to Cabo, and instead, began to take a good, LONG look at myself in the harsh light of day.

Understanding that every single facet of my life – good, bad, striped or paisley – I am personally responsible for, was horrifying and liberating all at once. Then it dawned on me – if I was responsible for everything, then I had the power to create the life I’d always dreamed of. So now, nearly 6 years later, the journey continues. In reality, this was a journey that started lifetimes ago, and will continue long after this body gives out. It was when I made conscious recognition of my spiritual journey and found the courage to seek truth that ordinary magic began to flood into my life from every direction. I’ve since emerged a much, MUCH more compassionate person, with far greater gratitude than I ever thought possible. And although I’ve been fortunate to have visited many counties, from the densest depths of the Amazon jungle to the snowy peaks of Switzerland, still no surf trip around globe has caught me in its sails.

So when I was perusing my girl Kelly’s blog, Viva Voce, and stumbled across, The Goodwin Project, I wanted to pack myself up in my surf bag and hitch a ride on their awesome adventure- 18 countries in 4 seasons.

One day, let’s hope sooner than later, my husband and I will follow this family’s inspiring lead. I can’t imagine a more amazing way to educate ourselves and our (future) children than to show them the world first hand.

Now it’s easy to understand why it didn’t manifest sooner! I once wondered, what could be better than following the best surf breaks around the world?  Now I know- an open heart to guide me.