1950s Mattel Futurland Guitar

Here's another piece of eye candy that I just can't seem to get rid of despite the fact that it doesn't work any longer and is missing parts. I honestly don't remember where I picked up this funny little toy guitar, but it was stored in a crate in the cellar until my son unearthed it last summer in his attempt to find things for me to sell at the shop. I brought it to countless flea markets but never sold it, most probably because it wasn't in perfect condition. The son told me to throw it out, but I balked, claiming I would eventually use it as a piece for a found art project I've been dreaming about creating this past year. It's been sitting near this desk ever since. Needless to say, I have ideas that spin constantly but seldom come to fruition. Still, as I gaze at the whimsical decals of the cowpoke and his trusty steed nearby, the plastic molded guitar transforms itself into a vase where plastic flowers poke out of the hole and the broken strings become stems for other flowers that surround the piece, a suitable coffin for yet another piece of plastic made in the USA at a time when the economy was blossoming in a Post War Era and dreams of the future held great promise.


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