"You have a very nice vulva, the lips are nicely proportioned and aren’t as stretched and hanging out  like some of the mom's I've seen."  The clinic doctor didn't even look up as he spoke, gently prying apart Margie's knees whenever they collapsed together, whenever she felt a wince or a pinch from the D & C he was performing.  "Yes, very nice. Indeed."

Margie could not respond. She was too flabbergasted to respond. The doctor stood and withdrew the suctioning wand as he smiled cheerfully at her. Her gut told her he only wanted to see if he was going to get some kind of reaction. She gave him none.

The entire procedure was just another surreal event, added to a series of surreal events that had been occurring of late. Events that made her question her life's fate, the design of things. Why would she now fight against something she's wanted for so long? A family, a home, a loving relationship.  Ideas that had been sold to her all her life. They are all supposed to go together, aren't they? They seemed so out of reach now, because she certainly wasn't ready to give up a loving relationship for the family and the home. She'd never be able to do it. Live that lie.

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