1st Time for Everything

So this is my first post to blogher.  I'm still not completely sure I want to be blogging and putting my stuff out there in the big black hole for everyone to see, but I'll do a few entries and see how I feel about things in a week or so.  Maybe the key is to not use names. 

So DH lost his job a month ago and can't seem to find another one.  He is in the housing industry which we all know is in the toilet and maybe will start to come back this spring.  I've read all the news and predictions, but I'm more of a "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of gal.

DS got his driver's license the day after Christmas and surprisingly it feels pretty good.  I thought I would be a constant nervous wreck when he left the house, but I find that I'm mostly calm.  He is a good driver.

We have off school tomorrow which means I have off work.....woohoo!  I drive the big yellow cheese wagon (the bus).  Been doing it for 8 years now and still like it most days.

A note about my username:  When I was fat my favorite clothes were PJs.  I thought once I lost weight that would change.  It hasn't.  After losing 40lbs my PJs r still my favorite clothes so the "pajamamomma" is here to stay.


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