2 Sisters 2 Cities

We are two sisters, K and M, living in two different cities with two different lifestyles.  We created this blog to share our day-to-day adventures in New York and Boston.  2 Sisters 2 Cities was first started in December 2009.  On our blog, we love to share recipes, projects, party ideas, and stories about our lives.

K works in New York City and lives outside the city in New Jersey with her boyfriend.  She works in retail planning and loves to cook healthy meals that are easy to put together on work nights (and baking some not too healthy things on the weekend.)  Besides baking and cooking, K enjoys shopping, reading, and spending time with her family.

M recently moved from South Boston and now lives in a town on the South Shore of Boston with her husband and 1-year-old son. A former finance professional turned stay-at-home mom, she loves to experiment with new dishes and kid-friendly meals. M’s hobbies include blogging, cooking, volunteering, reading, eating out, traveling, skiing, crafting, and letterpress.  Follow her on twitter @Meaghz and on Pinterest.

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