$20 craigslist chandelier - looooove it!

$20 Craigslist Chandelier

Granted I have been searching high and low for the right chandelier for the 2nd floor landing (OK it's not really a landing - but we'll call it that for lack of a better term). Anyway, enter ... da da da daaaa - craigslist. 

I found 2 for $20/each. I love these. I wasn't crazy about the gold so I spray painted them silver and had Joshy do the install on Sunday. 

Here's what I say on craigslist...




Here's the install....





Here's the final result...





Of course, Tristan asked, "Why do we have such a fancy light right at the stairs?" Josh replied, "Because mommy likes her chandeliers." Hello?!

I'm going to have the 2nd one installed in the upstairs stairwell. It's super high and I think this chandelier will be "epic"... as my boyz say.

More chandelier updates, my DIY curtain rod and curtain update and more room reveals coming up this week.