20 Date Night at Home Ideas

Every expert, pastor, rabbi, therapist, or this big mouthed blogger will tell you that date nights are essential to long and happy marriage. Brett and I committed to having a weekly date night when our twins were born almost 4 years ago. A family of 5 living on one income CANNOT afford to go out on a date every week. It's just not going to happen! The cost of the babysitter alone puts it out of the budget for us. To get around this, we decided to create date night at home!

Every Friday night, Brett and I make the kids dinner and then put them to bed a little early. Once they're in bed, our date night begins. We always eat together and then we have something else planned. Some nights I cook but most nights we get take out.

It really doesn't matter what you do, just spend some time together. We've been on a big Shark Tank kick lately and dinner and a movie is done around here at least once a month. We are so busy with three young children and we know from our friends who have older children that it is very easy to get swept into the vortex that is having children. We use date nights to stay connected and recharge from the week.

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