The 20 guys you will date in your 20's

Jager bombs? Jager bombs? You want a Jager bomb? We will take 10 jager bombs! Ooooohhh the bar rat…bless his heart. This guy lives at the local watering hole. We will call this place home base. It’s the one bar he starts at and ends at every night. May resemble an episode of cheers. Everyone knows his name and the minute he walks in the door they have
“his” drink waiting for him. You probably had your first date here….and his favorite song is probably “closing time “or “Sweet Caroline”. Its gonna get real awkward if “the bar rat” and “the bartender” are from the same bar. Friend zone this bitch. This is not to be confused to the “bottle rat” (later blog to explain this one)


 9.            “The Gym Rat”

“Are you working your bi’s or tri’s today? What day is your cheat day? I think I am going to go paleo.” The gym rat. This guy is great for motivation….and if you can work it out, meet him in January…nothing is better that having a gym buddy to prepare for swimsuit season. This guy takes his workout and meals seriously…what a great way to stay on track. I personally love the gym rat….6pack abs anyone? I will lick whipped cream right off that package ;) Please please please be careful with this one ladies …there is a big difference between a gym rat and a total douche bag….ways to tell if he is a douche bag? Works biceps 3 or more times a week, has little legs, wears affliction shirts, or takes gym selfies are all a few sure signs.

 10.    “The Kennedy”

“How would you like to spend the weekend at the race track watching my families race horse”-the kennedy…no that’s ok I have better things to do..Said no one ever. The Kennedy man….agh …what a sexy guy this is…he was probably a legacy at a frat at like Sigma Alpha Epsilon…maybe has the same name as his father and his grandfather…Who doesn’t like a man with a well bread family? I’ve never meant a “JOHN III” who was a loser. He probably wears a lot of Ralph Lauren. Maybe has a hip comb over…(also has a great head of hair). Grandparents worked in the state legislature. Family owns a race horse. He has the type of family who holds like a family tradition …like touch football in the back yard every thanksgiving. Maybe a proud member of the champions club. Definitely a member at the local country club. This Guy is a KEEPER! Lock this one down! This is a great reason to open up a SAKS account or go on a spree at your nearest Nordstrom. You didn’t see Princess Di walking around town meeting other royals looking ratchet did you? No! She was dressed to a T and always looked on point…as should you!

11.    “The Worldly Man”

This man has been everywhere….seen everything…ate at every local restaurant around town…knows everyone…and honestly is annoying as fuck! He seemed attractive on the first date …drop him immediately. He is defiantly a name dropper…and is too cool for school. You probably won’t benefit at all from this one. GET OUT NOW!

12.    “The Athlete”

Dear lord help us all! This guy…oh this guy is a riot. A wild man…a hottie with a body. Talk dirty to me! This guy is super fun! A guys guy…nothing is better than dating a dude that is down for his guy friends. This is a great guy to date ….especially the free tickets that come along with. What’s better than you and your girlfriends drinking in the middle of the week during baseball season? …oh that’s weird you can’t think of anything? Because there is nothing better than that. Unless you hate sports…then this will suck for you and that’s why it ended. Fair warning…his mom is his biggest fan…look at Kevin Durant’s mom…front rows at every don’t fuck with that J

 13.    “The band Guy”

Who doesn’t love a good band or good music for that matter? Nothing is better than having a guaranteed reason to get back stage passes and wear leather. You probably met this guy while with your friends at a trashy bar or a street dance on a Saturday night while a local band was playing. Seemed like a great idea huh? And when you were 8 beers in you felt like Bon Jovi’s wife didn’t you. “Ya I could defiantly be a real house wife of the newest upcoming band….I would be the hottest one on tv…I should make a reality series on this.” I am telling you now…the band probably sucks and isn’t going to make it. I mean let it ride out…and chances are you are dating the one In the band with the biggest ego (of course) and well that just gets annoying. There is a reason all the great rock stars are single…grab the t-shirt and cd and get off the damn tour bus sister.

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