20 Places to Draw Blogging Inspiration

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Feeling in a blogging rut? Cup of Ting has a blog-storming (brainstorming + blog = blog-storming) list of 20 places to draw inspiration for your next post. Sometimes it's as simple as moving where you're writing (have laptop will travel) and sometimes you need to return to a favourite book or song and remember why it inspired you.  Asking the simplest question on Twitter: "what are you doing today?" may spark the post that you're in the mood to write.

Sitting on your bum won’t bring any ideas. You’ve got to get out there + try new things. Creativity isn’t always scheduled and/or planned. For me, some days I am inspired all day long + other days not at all. I immediately jot down notes on my iPhone {that phone is connected to me like an extra arm} as they come to me with as much description as possible. When I plan time to actually create, I look back at my ideas + start playing around with them.

Read all of Cup of Ting's advice and then tell us your favourite source for blogging inspiration.


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Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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