2007 Poem of Thanksgiving

I'm a journalist in both senses of the word - I write for magazines and newspapers but I also write everyday in a journal. I have them going back decades. Each morning, coffee cup in hand, I write in my journal and then read RBC Ministeries 'Our Daily Bread' devotional.  Weekends or when there is time or reason, I write more.  Last year there were three 2013 volumes.

Last week, searching for something in my guest room closet that I prom ise I will clean out SOON, I came across a 2007 journal and it called to me, so I took it out to read during lunch and downtime (downtime as in free time, not depressed time!!)

Here's a poem I wrote on Feb. 25th of that very interesting year.  I enjoyed seeing it, having forgotten it.  It is called, Without Him.

Without Him, where would I be?

Without Him, how could I see

     the beauty He created,

      the bright and morning star,

      the rainbow shining through the rain?

Without Him

      no laughter of a child

Without Him,

     no Light to guide our way,

How could I see

     the waves upon the  shore

     the wonder of a rose

      the mountains clothed in purple majesty?

Without Him, I'd surely go astray

Without Him, I'd remain that way.

But with Him, alive in my heart

      I have the strength, the faith, the hope

      To continue on.   





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