"2008 I was assaulted by another employee"Any lawyers between us?

.At the end of 2008 I was assaulted by another employee,I got many marks on my breast, when we came to office I had a seizure and they had to call 911.

Two of us were suspended because I was her supervisor, after a week of investigation, she was fired and I return to work. What happens is, about a week ago, I started having nightmares about it, I know that at that time she was sick and I had notified my superior many times, but nothing was done until the day she attacked me, I felt sorry for her, but now with nightmares all came back to my mind, I asked couple friend about her, but she's not got another job. I wonder if I still have time to start a lawsuit against the company. if there is any lawyer among us, who can advise me, I will be grateful. I went to the HR,I ask about the pictures taken, and the report,but the have none.I don't know were to start,what to do it.

If I still have the rights to do it something.Because if i still have time i will do it


nightmares they must have a reason, I feel tormented, at no time did I judge her as guilty, but the other managers for not listening to me, should I do something.
please help me.


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