2010 Olympic Torch Relay The Journey Home

As I write this post the Olympic torch is making its way through my city. Today Canadians and indeed the world will celebrate the opening of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This is the longest domestic torch relay in Olympic history, 45,000 kilometres in total.

There are teams of people behind the scenes making this happen. Police officers and security, Doctors, drivers of the Vancouver 2010 buses, event organizers at each stop and so many others who lent their expertise to make it a successful run across the country. It also was shared briefly with our neighbours to the south, as it crossed the Peace Arch border into Blaine Washington.

There have been many notable people who had the unique opportunity to run with the flame Michael Buble, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah McLachlan, Jann Arden, Sydney Crosby, Steve Nash and more. Famous or not the joy on the faces of participants was magnificient to see.

This city has been under construction for a very long time, though some people complained about how much money was spent, there is no doubt there is benefits in the venues and infrastructure created. There are always going to be protest and there was another today, it happened in the poorest neighbourhood. It was ironic that one of the persons carrying the torch was a long time resident and contributor to the neighbourhood itself.  It was noted by the President of the Downtown Eastside community that most, if not all, the protesters don't even live in their community. The Veterans waiting a short distance away in full uniform and band playing were concerned they would not get to see the torch pass by. A minor re-routing and it was off and running again.

At 6pm PST the ceremony begins and regardless of where you stand on the issue of the Olympics it brings many people from around the globe together in a way nothing else does. I can't pretend I don't have concerns about certain aspects of the Olympics, IOC, some related humanitarian issues and the hidden costs. However, this is great country and a fabulous city and it welcomes people from all over the world yearly. I hope what people take away from their experience here is how beautiful this place is. 

Oh, and while were at it we can get rid of the misinformation, we don't live in igloos, we don't all speak French, and we don't all use the word "eh!"

The West Coast rocks! Check out this song, beautiful !

I Believe Song

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