2011 Election: did we make history or guarantee more of the Conservative same?

Here in BC we elected the first Green party member ever to Parliament (and I'm pretty sure there aren't any at the provincial level across the country but I could be wrong on that one). Also, for the first time in history the NDP now sits directly across from the government and Jack is moving into Stornoway, official residence of the leader of Her Majesty's loyal Opposition. 

Does this mean we are entering a time when the center/left vote will continue to fracture so the Liberals & NDP will never regain a hold on power.

Is that a good thing? Or will the next five years be a painful booster shot to remind us just what life was like under the Mulroney Conservatives 'lo those many years ago and lead to a resurgence in support in the Liberal party for it's leadership?  

The Liberals have been engaged in a brutal exercise of dragging people into the leadership role while handing them a cyanide capsule at the same time. 

Is Justin Trudeau the answer to the Liberal party leadership problems?  

Will Jack Layton be able to keep his new Quebec MP's in line and be effective in his role as Leader of the Opposition?

Come on, let's get some discussion happening here...






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