2012 and Small Business - Better? Worse? or the Same?

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Recently I came across a news item that had me scratching my head. While times have been, well, interesting the last few years, I just don't understand what the doom and gloom is all about. If you predict bad times...guess what you'll get? Bad times. Because you've already pre-written a foregone conclusion.

The study I am talking about is a Nationwide insurance study that concludes: three in four women small business owners predict more tough times in 2012. The conclusion:

Just one in five (22 percent) think the state of the economy will improve and one third (34 percent) expect their sales and revenue to decline.

Here's what I don't understand... why when all signs point to a similar or better year than 2011 do women small business owners seem convinced a decline is on the way. In fact I shared this study with my own personal financial adviser today and she just shook her head and said - where are these people getting their information? Her opinion is that it isn't going to necessarily be a banner year across the board but it certainly doesn't look bleak.

So I went on a little search for more information. The Wall Street Journal predicts modest growth in 2012. Kiplinger reports that the GDP will grow about 2.3% in 2012, a slight increase over the 7.1% pace in 2011. The AP reports a small pickup of growth for 2012 (although not enough to make significant strides in reducing unemployment).

When all is said and done with my stroll through this data, what bugs me most is when people jump immediately to how things will be horrible. You know what? If you expect horrible and prepare for the worst, you will likely experience it. I'm not suggesting wanton disregard for financial matters by any means. What I'm saying is now, more than ever is the time to consciously create your experience and be entrepreneurial. For as many horror stories as I've heard from the nightly news, to NPR, to the blogosphere, I've heard more than my fair share of business triumphs. Women entrepreneurs growing their income, innovating, and forging ahead. I don't know about you...but given a choice, I'd prefer to set my sights on the second bunch and learn success principles rather than curl up and stay in a holding pattern. Anyone who has ever circled the airport on landing knows how much FUN that is.

So what's in store for the 2012 climate according to the crystal balls? I found this post on the top 10 small business predictions for 2012 on Entrepreneur.com to be quite thoughtful and worth a read.

What has been your experience? What are you predicting for 2012?

2012 small business predictions

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