2012 Favorites: A Conversation Starter With My Daughters

Having two adolescent daughters is challenging on many levels.  One obstacle that pops up each day is their lack of willingness to answer my questions, such as, "How was school?"  Their never-fail answers are always something like, "It was fine, but I don't feeeeeel like giving you all the details."  End of discussion.

Last week after I composed and posted my list of 2012 Favorites, I thought it may be a good conversation starter with my girls.  I was right.  After school I shared my post with them.  At first, they begrudgingly read it.  But after one simple question from me-What were your favorites of 2012?-they miraculously opened up. 

I found out there was a group of girls on Twitter cutting themselves due to the horror ofJustin Bieber smoking weed (truly shocking).  I found out that my 14 year old has quickly moved on from thinking pop music is cool to thinking it's "stupid" and helped her choose different words to express this opinion in order to not hurt her 12 year old sister's feelings.  We talked drugs, the objectification of women in videos, the good and the bad of pop culture.  Of course, they did not realize we were talking about such significant topics.  To them, we were just talking.

Out of our conversation came their willingness and desire to share their favorites from 2012 on my blog.  Of course, I was and am willing to do so.  I am hoping this post will spur even more conversation.

Read their favorites of 2012 here!

How do you start conversations with your tween or teen?

Do you know your tween's or teen's favorites of 2012?

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