2012 US Election Thoughts From A Canadian

It's Wednesday, the day after the US elections and I woke up relieved to hear that Barack Obama has been re-elected. Thank you to those American cousins of mine who gave him a chance to continue to do what he promised. Obama, you've been given a second chance, now do it!

Why is it important to me, especially since I'm not very politically inclined?

Well my own government is a mess on so many fronts, there's too many to list today. I can't stand our current prime minister. (His one redeeming quality is he and his family have fostered cats and are involved with the Ottawa Humane Society.) In the beginning Stephen Harper was seemingly going down as one of the most uneventful, useless, prime ministers in my history. In the last few years, I've realized that the quiet ones are the deadly ones. Things are slowly changing and not changing for the good, in my opinion.

The US borders Canada, so of course what happens over there, affects us Canadians in many ways. Plus, I've always lived on a border city so again having American neighbours, fellow employees, relatives etc, often effects me.

If my Prime Minister gets along with the US President, or doesn't get along it effects me as a Canadian. Policies get taken care of or not. If they don't like each other (Chretien & Bush, like 2, 7-year olds), they sulk, refuse to meet and nothing gets accomplished for at least 4 years.

So yes, I'm not big or well educated on some world issues but who gets's elected in my border country does matter to me. I know it's not going to be rainbows and butterflies. When has it ever been? After all a politician is a politician. When do they ever give 100% of what they promised. Never. But Obama getting re-elected is a step in the right direction.

Next on the agenda, getting PM Harper out of office. He is quiet but deadly. He is a huge step backwards for Canadians, in my opinion. (Maybe I'll get more into depth about that in a later post. Maybe.) And I'm off my rant.

Thought's on President Obama's re-election?

Last of the Fall flowers!


Till next time,