2013 Day of Silence: Teens Go Silent For LGBT Equality

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Things may be mostly fine, and a lot of teenagers still say they view sexual orientation and gender identity as inborn and "no big deal," but those same teenagers have been heard to say things like, "She can't be a lesbian, she's too girly," "that kid's just confused," or "I don't believe you're actually gay." And heaven forbid a boy not adhere to whatever the Macho Bro Code dictates that day -- he's "such a homo." Should a kid speak up against this sort of thing, well... you know, it's just a joke. Don't be so sensitive, we're just kidding around!

We have a long way to go, yet.

Want to get involved? Here's some resources:

Are any teens or college aged students in your life taking part in the 2013 Day of Silence?


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