2013 Equals 50

Tracy Livingston I have a mixture of feelings that range from brilliant to whimsy recently, all due not only to the New Year but what it brings me...50! Yes, that middle of the road number that marketers declare is the new 40 or 30 I can't keep up with the number and how one should feel. According to these geniuses I should be shopping at Forever 21 and dating...I am doing neither, thank you very much! But on the flip side have not bought recliners and taken up shuffle board, which I am sure can be quite stimulating... As I write this I sit with my morning coffee, grapes and a hard boiled egg...healthy foods for weight loss and maintenance and more importantly healthy fuel. My middle age crisis may not have me shopping with teens and dating but it does have me looking into my past and my future with a keen awareness. I want to be around in a functional manner and see the world with enjoyment. My bucket list while not on paper is long and I plan not only to do the list but constantly add to it with excitement... So what is 50, to me it is a number as I was blessed with genes that hold the wrinkles back but I am also bright enough to see them and start thinking about a little maintenance...so I am saving and asking around for a great injector of filler and a few days at Canyon Ranch. I plan on fighting this age thing tooth and nail, and maintenance and CR are both on my bucket list since as far back as I can remember. Now I just need a script for both, that my husband and my insurance company will cooperate with...but we digress back to reality and the number and its true meaning. While spa and filler will be accomplished on a lower scale than my dreams, it will be done but it still does not get to the heart of the number, it is superficial and while desired does not curtail my feelings about this age. So back to the point...2013 and 50! I am at a loss, while looking ahead I am planning on slight changes in career and my blog and have vowed to finish my book past chapter 4, while not a best-seller it will reach those who need to read the journey I have taken and laugh along the way. I want to open a sober house in Prescott, and see my son find his dreams as I sit on the side-lines without major orchestration. I want to give back while I fulfill my own selfish needs...oh and I have plenty. So 50 and 2013 come with big dreams not little resolutions that go by the wayside come February. So while I will never set foot into Forever 21 or start dating to recapture youth...I love and will forever still shop at H & M and Gap, for fun and a little youth, while mixing with my box store staples and going out with my husband of 25 years this May. I do not feel 50, I do not act 50 and perhaps the marketing geniuses were right, perhaps this is my new 40, only wiser and ready to tackle the world with list and serious goals in hand.

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