2014 here…#suckfest2013, gone

2014 is finally here.  I’ve waited and waited.  Patiently.

#suckfest2013 was the worst year of my life.  Worst.  Most Painful.  Emotionally.  Physically.  A really tremendously horrible year.

So…clock turned over — 2014!  2014!  2014!


I didn’t turn into a princess I didn’t miraculously have a feeling of peace I didn’t feel my knees suddenly feel like they did before the reaction I didn’t float on air I didn’t feel like a weight was lifted from my heart I didn’t feel…any different.  Still tired.  Still in quicksand.

But…..my boys were laughing.  Joking.  We were tired, but together.  My mom came over for part of the night — that made it special too.

You know what?  We survived #suckfest2013.  We did it.

Now, I’m understanding my pieces still need picking up.  The magic wand of 2014 didn’t rid me of those damn pieces.  Maybe I’ll just be able to get them all picked up, in 2014, without more pieces falling at the same time.

Happy New Year.  Goodbye #suckfest2013

Love, Hateful Joy