21 Easy Healthy Living Tips

If there is one word that immensely appeals to me especially in the area of developing healthy habits or healthy living tips, that word is “EASY”.  I do not want to jump hoops and climb mountains to improve my lifestyle – unless there is the view of a placid lake from the top from the vantage point in my log cabin and a big mug of hot strong coffee within easy reach.

I am living with type 2 diabetes for some months now and I can tell you that the transition to a different lifestyle wasn’t easy. It wasn’t as though I lived an “un” healthy lifestyle; it is just that I had to make some major tweaks to what I ate and what I did and this involved a transformation and these 21 healthy living tips helped.

What I found is this:

  • it is not difficult
  • it is not expensive
  • it is doable
  • it is a win-win in the long run
  • it feels good

Now, that’s pretty good motivation to make the effort, right? So here are…

21 easy healthy living tips

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