21 Things That Make Crossfit/Paleo Rock!!

I have enjoyed a number of benefits from the blend of Paleo and Crossfit which keeps me steady as a rock in the face of laziness, boredom and occasional cravings for anything but meat and veggies. I’ve been at it since August 6th (though I have been grain free for about 4 months now) and already I can see amazing results. Here they are in no particular order (though I am thrilled about #1):

-Absence of fat drooping over the top my workout shorts

- The ability to eat fruit, squash and sweet potatoes with no “food baby” the next day

- The cutting down from eating 6-7x/day to 3-4x/day

- The absolute removal of nighttime snacking

- Not being voraciously hungry when I wake up

- No crash after lunch

- As much fat as my heart desires

- Having more energy than ever to workout

- No longer fear Fight Gone Bad or Tabata (ok, maybe just a little)

- Clear skin, no under eye bags and amazingly soft hair

- No mood swings  (that are caused by crazy blood sugar levels, that is)

- No more butt dimples or cottage cheese thighs (still chippin away at the saddlebags though)

- My calves are .75 of an inch smaller (If you know me, this is a huge victory)

- I sleep through the night and wake up every morning at 7, no alarm clock necessary

- I can see my muscles because there is no carb bloat

- I feel more balanced and definitely more body aware

-Not counting calories or ounces or portion sizing anything

- Not craving sugar, breads or crap (finally!!!!!)

- My new mantra: Stand more, sit less

- My new 2.5 pack (I will get to 6 I swear!)

- My handstand can beat yours!

You can follow my zaney journey by clicking on the Crossfit Gresham Page.

There are more, but I think you get the picture. Seriously, 30 days. Try it. I dare you! Come try Crossfit and see what your body is capable of. I dare you. In fact, I double dog dare you!!

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