21-Day Chapparal Cleanse Review

Yesterday was the last day of our 21-Day Chapparal Cleanse.
First of all, it was shocking to see how quickly the month went by. 21 days seems like a long time at the start of it, but once you're winding down in the last couple of cycles (the 21 days are made up of 7 cycles of 3 days each), you don't know where the time has gone.
As Terry wrote about a couple of weeks ago, Chapparal has been used for thousands of years as a super strong and effective medicine, curing, well, just about everything. According to Lalitha Thomas, who wrote the book that I got this specific cleanse from (and it's an amazing book, I might say - buy it and save tons of money in doc appointments and prescriptions over the years, I have), the active ingredient is nordihydroguaiaretic acid (or NDGA), and it's known to have anti-cancer potential, particularly for tumors and leukemia. It also takes care of lots of other issues, because of its turpene resins (with antiseptic qualities) combined with the NDGA. This combo gives Chapparal a super powerful antibiotic action.
It's used in lots of remedies (allergies, anemia, arteriosclerosis, digestion, immune system, parasites, rheumatism, prostatitis, and on and on), but the cleanse we did is designed to dig down deep and just get everything out that's not supposed to be there.
You do this by, like I said, repeating 7 cycles of 3 days each. One night, you steep a teaspoon or so of Chapparal leaf in not-quite-boiling water, covered, overnight, and drink it in the morning. That's Day 1. Save the tea bag, and as soon as you're done, pour not-quite-boiling water over that same bag of tea, cover it, and let it steep all day and night, drinking it the next morning (Day 2). Repeat once more, and drink it in the morning of the next day again (Day 3). Then you throw out the herbs, and start again that evening with a fresh teaspoon of Chapparal leaf, to go to Day 4 the next day and the 2nd cycle of three days.
Let me just say, Lalitha Thomas is a genius. I don't think she's putting out new additions of this book, and I don't know where she is, or what she's up to, but she's put together an amazing combination of herbal remedies and cures which have never let me down, and that I recommend often.
Back to the cleanse. I won't lie about this - it tastes AWFUL. Like turpentine and paint thinner mixed in with a dash of bleach. The second and third days are progressively easier in each cycle, but then you're back to that first day again, drinking the tea, gagging the whole time. Oh, and another thing - you're supposed to drink it on an empty stomach. I got some full-body shivers after my strongest cups. Makes me shudder a little now to think about it. Yikes.
That said, this works amazingly well. I won't go into specifics, but let's just say I've seen illnesses cured using this method (along with a couple of other things) that are supposed to be incurable. The way the Chapparal cleanse works is that you're giving yourself a constant stream of antibiotic-powered stuff, able to work down deep into your body tissues because of the length of time that you're imbibing pretty strong doses of it.
(By the way - I've never heard of ONE side effect from anyone who's done this cleanse, aside from dread of drinking a cup of tea each morning.)
Steeping it for those three days in a row apparently gets to different qualities of the herb, and each cup is just as potent as the first one, even though the second two don't taste as strong in each cycle.
Since physical issues are usually caused by mental issues, this cleanse may bring up emotions and thoughts that you thought were long gone. This will happen significantly if you've never done the cleanse before, and you may be shocked at what happens. You may not notice a thing, either, however. This part of it is pretty person-specific. My first 21-Day Chapparal Cleanse was when I was about 21 years old, and just learning about herbalism. I had suffered from a significant depression during my early adolescent years, and about a week and a half into the cleanse, after I'd forgotten to anticipate the weird emotional part, I had a couple of days where I felt exactly as I had a decade before. I'd been sad since, sure, but not sad like THAT. I wondered what the heck was wrong with me, then remembered the emotional aspects of the cleanse. As those medicines worked deep in my body, pulling out old toxins that had been stored with emotional baggage attached, I re-experienced those emotions while the toxins flowed through my body on their way out. It was strange, very strange - but once I recognized what was going on, I didn't mind my 1.5 day mini-depression at all.
Since then I've done the cleanse every year or two, and whenever I do, some strange stuff happens emotionally, just to a smaller degree. I also feel amazing after the cleanse is finished, of course.
Note: This is not a cleanse that will make you run to the bathroom. It's not even super important to watch what you eat. If you're a hard-core, fast-food loving carnivore I'd probably tell you (as my professional opinion, of course) to try to pare your diet down to easy-to-digest, pretty nutritious foods, so as to make it easier for your body to clean itself out with the help of the Chapparal tea. But other than that, you don't change a thing. Just drink your tea in the a.m. and be on your merry way. That's one of the great things about this cleanse, it's amazingly convenient. Since it's not one of THOSE cleanses, though, this isn't the kind that will make you lose a ton of weight - however, if you're trying to kick off a healthier lifestyle (and weight loss can be included), this will help you jump-start it by cleaning out toxins that you'll have a tough time releasing. Toxins are stored in fat mostly, too, so it'll help you become a more likely candidate for easy weight loss. The emotional cleansing helps a ton with subsequent weight loss as well.
All in all, I'd say that this was a great cleanse. Afterward, if you're battling any illness, you're bound to feel a lot better. Neither Terry nor I was especially sick, so we just feel better all around - increased clarity, energy, and mood included. I'd recommend it to anyone, and if you have questions, feel free to contact me or, of course, as always, schedule a consultation to get some personalized advice about health, wellness, and/or herbs.
Oh, one more thing - if you're planning on doing this cleanse, you'd need to buy the Chapparal from a bulk herb supplier. It's not likely to be hanging out in your local grocery store. There may be an herb store in your town, or you can get it online. I'd recommend these guys:
Happy Thanksgiving-eve!


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