I am 25 now.
So that's something.
I'll try not to question whether or not it counts as an accomplishment of any kind. Although some of my family members might find it amazing I haven't managed to get myself killed yet, since my lack of common sense means I make a lot of dubious decisions.

In any case, I'm 25. 
That's something.
For twenty-five years, I have had the most incredible family. I had the luck of being born into knowledge that no matter what, my family will stand behind me.


More recently, I married into another amazing group of people, who raised up the pragmatic, plain-spoken, endlessly supportive man I married. 
I have known Jason since August of 2004. We started dating in January 2005. Well... January-ish. I'm not real clear on that.
So that's seven birthdays with Jason, since we started dating.
Best seven birthdays ever.
Something like... 2006?
March 6th, 2011
that seems right.
Now, that's something.


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