25 Things You Can Do the Next Time Your Website Goes Down

Ah.... your hosting company has had an "issue" that they are "in the process of resolving".  Exactly what IS a "timely manner"? How long is that? When your website is down, and it is no fault of your own - many times your only option is to wait for service to be restored.  The hosting company usually stops answering phone calls, and disables all tech support when there is an outage or issue, so what is a blogger to do? I have a few ideas...

  1. Check to see if your rival's sites are all down too and breathe a sigh of relief if they are.
  2. Rock out the the hold music – air guitar and everything.
  3. Make a list of places you’d take your monkey to show it off if you had one. Figure out how to get a monkey if you don't.
  4. Choreograph a dance for your department to do at the next office meeting as the ice breaker.
  5. Vogue. Stretch first.
  6. Photocopy your hands, cut them out, and tape them to your bottom – then go get coffee.

I did say there were 25, right? For the other 19, click here - they are pretty amazing, if I say so myself - and I definitely say so myself.


Eva Greene-Wilson

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