#274 Present, Day 16 of 31

We're on the road for the weekend, and the dogs are with us... as always.  Praise the Lord, they travel well.  Pretty much toss them in their kennel and they sleep the whole way.  Kind of like space travel.  You're put into a state of suspended animation, and when you awaken, bam!, you're in a new place with no idea how you got there.  But, still happy to be there.  Cause you're a dog, and you're happy to be anywhere.

I thought I had done the ultimate training when I taught Dixie to pee on command.  Dillon is not too far behind.  We still don't trust him in the hotel room like we do Dixie, but I am sure that will come in time.  We make scheduled stops to let the dogs stretch out their legs and heed the call of nature.  They get fed on time.  It's just like having kids.

Except hotels don't generally charge you a "cleaning fee" for children... Although, maybe they should... have you seen some of those kids checking in...?

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