#274 Present, Day 8 of 31

I don't believe much about Astrology.  
I know enough to know that my sign "Cancer" is a Moon sign.
This means I am supposed to love family and small puppies,
and I am supposed to keep a fabulous warm home.
Sure, ok... 

And, even though studies have shown that ED's really don't get busier during a full moon,
I know enough to know that anecdotal evidence is sometimes more reliable than scientific evidence.
Full moons usually mean badness, so I always worry when I see one heading out the door.
And, on this night, it was truly foreboding...

Still, there's something beautiful and magical about a moonrise...
I think this is the first one I actually saw from our new home;
that warm and fuzzy place that contains my family and puppies,
and from which I go to take care of other people's families.
Full moon or not...
Dixie feeling the Call of the Wild as the moon rises...

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