28 Again

This evening I wrote on my Facebook status update that ''it's good to remind myself that I'm 28 every once in a while'' and that couldn't be more true right now. Following a very stressful couple of months and a stressful week despite the lack of toddler tantrums and co-parenting negotiations, it was great this evening to take some time to go out and enjoy myself a little and to dance the night away, around the handbags (much to the joy of a group of onlookers who couldn't quite believe what they were seeing) and to basically feel my age for once. I must admit that the stress has pretty much taken over things of late. It's mainly financial and I guess something I should be used to in my life but the last two months have been especially hard and I've learnt that a good way of losing weight is to be poor! This week, knowing that I had a joint birthday celebration to go to and then a night out planned for this evening, I spent the week surviving on left over Easter chocolate treats and whatever food there was at friend's places that I've been visiting the week-long. Ridiculous but true. How am I back in this situation in which I can't afford to eat properly, in which I have to choose between food and spending time with others which is also incredibly neccessary during a week in which I don't see my son at all?! I've no idea what's going on right now but things for some reason seem to be working against me of late and more and more problems keep running up to me and chuckling direct in my face (yes that was a shabby metaphore but oh so true!)

I am really hoping that the following weeks improve and that my run of bad luck changes. Here's hoping!

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