28 Weeks Post Chemo....Phytophanere & SkinnyGirl Fit or Bit Challenge

I finally broke down and purchased hair growth enhancement pills.  The woman who styled my wig two weekends ago for the Jeans and Jewels fashion show recommended them.  And speaking of Jeans and Jewels….photos haven’t been posted to the site yet, but as soon as they do I’ll post one.  I did take a picture of my hair…because it still looked exactly the same a week later (one benefit of a weave)…before I finally washed the curls out.  And yes, that is yarn in my hair.

The pills she recommended are called Phytophanere and apparently they’ve done wonders for her.  Phytophanere supposedly “promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens nails, illuminates skin, and fortifies (and lengthen) lashes)”….with noticeable results within 2 weeks.  Sounds great to me!!  We’ll see how it actually works.  I had debated taking biotin, but after reading on a lot of different discussion boards that biotin also made a lot of women have facial hair growth I decided against it.  The girl who recommended Phytophanere assured me she hasn’t experienced unwanted facial hair.  Because as much I want the hair on my head to grow faster….I don’t think a mustache would be a good look for me.

So I’m going to give the pills a try and see what happens.  I’ll gladly reap the rewards of the “promotion of healthy hair growth” they advertise.  By no means am I expecting miracles, but the pill bottle does say noticeable results within 2 weeks….quite a statement to have to live up to.  I’m guessing the average consumer of Phytophanere is not quite as desperate as I am, and in turn may not be as tough of a critic of the product as I will be, but I want to see results!!

My hair continues to grow in an up-and-out fashion right now.  If I don’t wear my wig and essentially flatten out my hair, my hair doubles in size, from a puffiness standpoint, throughout the course of the day.  It may be a result of not putting any product in it, it may be a result of some of the heat and humidity we are getting in Charlotte now….who knows.  But I have some serious body going on!

We have casual Friday’s at work….so this past Friday I took the plunge and went to work without my wig.  Not sure why I felt more comfortable going without my wig while wearing denim, but I did, so I went with it.  In lieu of my weave, I wore one of my new headbands.  I received a lot of compliments, which made me feel good.  What girl doesn’t love compliments right?  Most couldn’t believe how much curl I have.  Actually, most couldn’t believe how much hair I have.  Not many people I work with are aware of this blog, so they don’t see my photos of how my hair growth is progressing.  I think most people assume it takes a lot longer for your hair to start growing back after chemo.  Needless to say, a lot were surprised with how thick and curly my hair is now.  I don’t know how often I’ll go without my wig now….probably just the occasional Friday….definitely the days where I’m in need of a few compliments though…because I left work on Friday feeling pretty good about myself :)

I’ve been doing really well with my workouts recently.  I’m consistently getting out to run and using my dumbbells at home to tone back up.  With that being said, I’ve lost all but 5 really stubborn pounds that have come to love their new home on my ass and thighs.

In a last ditch effort to comfortably get back into my old jeans, I signed up for the Skinnygirl fit or bit online personal training program.  It’s a program created by Bethenny Frankel…one of my absolute favorite reality tv stars and entrepreneurs.  You may question the entrepreneur part…but girlfriend just sold her skinnygirl brand and 100 calorie ready-made margarita cocktail (which is very yummy FYI) for a reported $120 million.  Not too shabby for 2 years of work.  Anyways, I’ve digressed.

I heard about it from a friend and thought it sounded like a great idea.  You submit information about yourself including current weight, goal weight, eating / workout habits…..and for $8 a week you receive recommended daily workouts and meal plans to get down to your goal weight.  I’m very excited about the meal plan aspect.  You’re sent a grocery list the beginning of every week with the food you’ll need to prepare the different recipes on your plan for the week….and then every day, receive an email with what you should be eating…including recipes and cooking instructions.  It’s awesome!!  I’ll post progress reports on how it’s working.

And that is all I have for today…….photos from 28 weeks post chemo are below.



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