28 Weeks Pregnant: The 7th month kicks in

At 28 weeks, I have now entered in to month number 7 of this 10 month (yes, you read right, 10 months!) slog of pregnancy. Quite unnervingly, with still almost 3 months to go, it's getting tough. The pains have increased greatly and for days on end I am in extreme discomfort in my lower back and hip joints. I saw my Bowtech therapist today and we decided to go back to weekly appointments to try and stave off at least some of the pains which would be great if possible. I feel like I am walking like an old woman all the time, like my body is crooked and there is a definite sign of waddling come the end of the day which is not a good look! I am so thoroughly exhausted today that I didn't even have the energy to move the mirror from the too dark for a nice photo hallway to the kitchen. The one above will have to do.
The bump is ever expanding and the baby's movements have changed quite a bit. It's gone from the quick, punchy movements of earlier months, to slower, yet stronger movements and I love it. It's not always the most comfortable of sensations but I like the reminder that he's in there and that he's doing ok so I am happy for it to continue. I am looking forward to more regular movements that are visible from outside the belly so that I can start to show Milo and perhaps he'll get to feel the baby move himself. I'm not sure if and how he'll react to this but I am curious to find out.
The rest of the post, along with photos can be found on the blog: 28 weeks pregnant


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